A sonic portrait of Lofoten by a local artist

LENGHT: 15 min / 13 km (Google maps)

To experience the piece as a sound drive, get your car to the start position, start the sound, and drive the route while listening.

START: Fygle skole 
  • Turn right towards Mortsund on Ramsvikveien
  • After 3.7 km, turn left up Einangen
  • Drive up the Einangen mountainpass
  • Stop at the parking lot at the top
  • Optional: Pause the sound and visit the grave site, a few min walk up the small hill south of the road
  • Continue towards Sennesvik
  • In Sennesvik, turn left towards Stamsund
  • Follow the road until the T junction 
STOP: T-junction

Concept, narration, mixing and composition: Tine Surel Lange
Commissioned by / created for: LIAF 2022 
Curated by: Francesco Urbano Ragazzi
Supported by: Bodø2024 - European Capital of Culture, local Artist in Residency grant.
Sound recording / mastering: Michal Sykora
Premiere at LIAF 2022, Kabelvåg, Norway

© 2022 Tine Surel Lange