For contrabass clarinet, electric guitar, violoncello, double bass and video
Created for Ensemble KNM Berlin
Commissioned by Frequenz Festival
14 min

Photo from video shoot:

Full video with live performance sound by Ensemble KNM Berlin at SPOR festival 2023:

Apotheosis - the term for the elevation of human beings to the status of god - is a piece reflecting on the ever-growing god complex of the human race. As an abstract portrait of how the Norse god Odin achieved all-knowing wisdom and status as the god above all other gods, the piece follows a character's search for the same.

The piece is filmed in the Arctic of Northern Norway, at the composer's childhood beach in the Vesterålen islands as well as in Lofoten where the composer is currently based.

The piece is part of an ongoing research on how to interpret visual material and/or movements sonically. In "Apotheosis" the performers have specific instructions of what and how to play, all connected to cues in the video projection visible to both the performers and the audience.

Concept, composition, video edit and character in video: Tine Surel Lange
Created for and performed by: Ensemble KNM Berlin
    Contrabass clarinet: Theo Nabicht
    Electric guitar: Seth Josel
    Cello: Cosima Gerhardt
    Double bass: Jonathan Heilbron
Commissioned by: Frequenz Festival
Video recording: Michal Sykora
Live sound recorded at: SPOR festival
Live sound recorded by: Andre Bartetzki
Live sound mixed by: Michal Sykora
Funded by: Arts Council Norway
Premiere May 11th, Frequenz Festival, Kiel, Germany

Photo: Michal Sykora

© 2023 Tine Surel Lange