For violin(ist), objects, and video
Commissioned by Herzbreakerz
7 min

Photo from live performance with Marco Fusi in 2018:

Video of full work performed live by Marco Fusi in 2018: 

Video of full work performed live by Marco Fusi on Score Follower:

For solo violin(ist) explores and challenges our listening expectations towards the violin and the violinist. The violin is such a strong sounding, historic and symbolic object, and when writing for violin the sounds you explore will (almost) always be somewhat in relation to this. The roles are very set, as are the expectations, and for this piece, i chose to compose not only for violin but for the connotations related to the violin as well.

Concept, video, and composition: Tine Surel Lange
Commissioned by: Herzbreakerz
Written for and performed by: Marco Fusi

Funded by: The Composers’ Remuneration Fund
Premiere November 18th 2018, IAC, Malmø, Sweden

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