For viola and live electronics
Created for Hanna Hohti and 
Commissioned by Hanna Hohti
10-15 min

Bind rune symbol from the piece:
Video excerpt from live performance with Hanna Hohti and Anders Pohjola in 2022:

This work combines sound exploration and a magical bind rune (combination rune) symbol. The bind rune created for this piece is based on isaR, kauna, and laguR from the Elder Futhark rune alphabeth and tells the story of the cosmogenic myth
of Norse Mythology.

In the cosmogenic story of Norse mythology life is created in Ginnungagap, the primordial void, as the cold winds of Niflheim (isaR) met with the hot sparks of Muspelheim (kauna), and life (laguR) was created.

This piece is part of my ongoing work with sound choreography, where visual material and/or movements are interpreted sonically. In «Ginnungagap» the performer has specific instructions on what and how to play, all connected to areas of
the symbol on the floor - visible to both the performers and the audience. The placement of the performer in the symbol
also triggers the opening and closing of gates on six sound files.

Concept and composition: Tine Surel Lange
Created for: Hanna Hohti and Anders Pohjala
Commissioned by: Hanna Hohti
Funded by: Kone Foundation
Premiere August 27th 2022, Helsinki Festival, Finland

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