2 channel video and 4 channel sound installation in Gabriel Loci, Prague
HD video with sound (8:10 min), plastic
Commissioned by The JEDL Theatre Company
8:10 min

Installation view:

An abstract portrait of Mrs. Alving from Ibsen's Ghosts. Finding my way into the story of Ibsen's Ghosts the character and storyline of Mrs. Alving caught my attention with her many layers. A many-faceted character that is just as modern and sharp now as she was then - with four stages of character development "caught" into four chapters of video in my audiovisual installation.

The installation was part of and the entryway to the opera IBSEN project - an experimental opera directed by Jan Nebeský with music by Matouš Hejl and libretto by Lucie Trmíková (who also played Mrs. Aving in the opera).

Commissioned by The JEDL Theatre Company, Czech Republic, 2022, within the project Play Ibsen! Theatre Play with Accompanying Programme, supported by the EEA Grants 2014-2021.

Concept, video, and composition: Tine Surel Lange
Commissioned by: The JEDL Theatre Company 
Funded by: EEA Grants 2014-2021
Dancer in video: Veronika Tőkőly from 420PEOPLE
Lights in video: Miriam Čandíková
Premiere April 10th 2022, Gabriel Loci, Prague

Photo: Tine Surel Lange

© 2022 Tine Surel Lange