Graphic score
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Overview of graphic score:

Vågakallen is a graphic score made in the project “Graphic Notation and Composition” initiated by Marianne Beate Kielland and Lumine Stemmefestival autumn 2018.

In collaboration with DKS Vågan, funded by Arts Council Norway and Furestiftelsen, all 5th graders in the municipality of Vågan in Lofoten were offered to participate. First, they were introduced to different forms of graphic notation, workshopping vocal sounds, and how to notate them with vocal pedagog Hege Steenhoff Hov, and then they were workshopping how to compose using the sounds and graphic notation with composer Tine Surel Lange.

As a final stage, Tine Surel Lange composed a final work based on the compositions by the students, and there was a concert where 100+ 5th graders performed the work.

Vågakallen is a 943-meter high mountain in Vågan Municipality in Lofoten, Nordland, and a famous landmark. Vågakallen is also a troll known from many tales, where he was sitting in his high chair, almost 1000 meters over the ocean at Henningsvær. Both the mountain and the troll have been an inspiration for the composition - with the result being a fictive and sonic mountain hike in ten chapters.

Composition and graphic score: Tine Surel Lange
Funded by: Arts Council Norway + Furestiftelsen
Project Initiator: Marianne Beate Kielland
Vocal pedagog and workshop initiator: Hege Steenhoff Hov 

Premiere spring 2019, Svolvær

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