2 channel sound installation, field recordings, aluminium foil, light
Created during Deep in the Mountains 2017
Curated by Sue Kim

Installation photos by Chad Park: Excerpt:

Sound installation based on selected field recordings done in nature around PyeongChang where you either hear the sound of construction for PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics or the sound of airplanes in the background. 2018

평 창 동 계 올림픽 공사현장의 소리나 배경에 비행기 소리가 있 는 평창의 특 정 자연지역에서 녹음한 사운드 인스톨레이션

saving the world is not a choice for us to make
the world will be there with or without us
in time all will be forgotten

Part of the group exhibition "Montage is a heartbeat" curated by Sue Kim.

Concept, field recording and composition: Tine Surel Lange
Created during: Deep in the Mountains residency 2017, PyeongChang, South Korea
Curated by: Sue Kim
Supported by: Arts Council Korea
Premiere October 20th 2017, Multi-Cultural Artspace Haengwhatang, Seoul

Photo: Chad Park, Multi-Cultural Artspace Haengwhatang, Seoul

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