High order ambisonics electro acoustic compositions
2017 and still going

Works for Listening 1-10 is a series of spatial electro-acoustic works developed at Notam (NO), MISC (LT), EMS (SE), and CCRMA (US) (and was released in a stereo decoded version March 19th 2021 on SOFA Music). All the works are made in 5th order ambisonics but have been presented in many different formats as well.  All the works are made in 5th order ambisonics and have been presented in larger and smaller multichannel rigs all around the world.

In Works for Listening, there is a strong focus on listening-aesthetics and our psychological categorization of sound. Surrounding sound environments are created with material taken from everyday life: organic sound sources reconstructed to varying degrees by tone, rhythm, timbre, and layers. The sonic material in Works for Listening appears physical and tactile, and often abstracted from their original state. With Works for Listening, I hope to create inspiration for increased listening experiences in life.

“Works for Listening No. 1-3” was nominated for the Norwegian Edvard Prize 2021 in the “Comtemporary Music” category. 

If you want to program these pieces, all the material is available on short notice - just contact me at tinesurel @

Concept and composition: Tine Surel Lange
Created during workstays at: Notam (NO), MISC (LT), EMS (SE), and CCRMA (US)

Photo: Tine Surel Lange

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